Ashoka, the sorrowless


Ashoka, ‘the sorrowless’,

Flaming blooms that gave

Solace to a sorrowful Sita.

One of the five in Kama’s quiver,

Set to stir young hearts.

Our Ashoka tree back home.


[ Saraca asoka, the Ashoka (sanskrit meaning-‘without sorrow’) tree is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. The tree has a notable place in Hindu mythology and the Indian classic Ramayana. The bark and the flowers of ashoka have medicinal properties. Ashoka has fiery orange and crimson blossoms that bloom through out the year. The flowers are pinned close to the branches and the trunk. In Ramayana Lord Rama’s wife Sita was kept a captive by Ravana under an ashoka tree in a garden called ashokavani.]


                                                                                Beautiful Ashoka foliage



3 thoughts on “Ashoka, the sorrowless

  1. Although the growth pattern is quite different, this reminds me of our Poinciana, or bird-of-paradise tree. It actually can be a shrub, as well, but the colors are glorious. We have a red bud tree that blooms in the same way, with the flowers close to the trunk and branches; they’re both quite attractive. The redbud doesn’t have quite the connection with mythology, however.


    1. Your Poinciana looks similar to the Gulmohar tree seen in India, which blooms in May. The Redbud tree has pink blooms? Vietnam is celebrating new year now and peach blossoms are seen everywhere as part of the festivities. The flowers of the Redbud tree look like the Hoa Dao or peach blossoms.

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  2. Ashoka, ” a solace to a sorrowful Sita” and ‘one of the five in Kama’s quiver’ – and I remember it was an occassional presence in our childhood games- how we used the leaves when we performed our ‘houshold chores’ games so seriously, ‘cooking’ leaves and seeds in our imaginary house!

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