Elegy to an old sentinel

Before the next floods hit him or the storm fell him our Ungu tree (The Indian Birch tree) was called to sleep a few months back. Nature would have taken his thousand emerald leaves to her bosom, his strong sturdy trunk and bark would have lit someone’s hearth. “Now that I have opened that bottleContinue reading “Elegy to an old sentinel”

Those Halcyon Days will be back soon!

“A fellow in the skies Of independent hues, A little weather-worn, Inspiriting habiliments Of indigo and brown. ……. With gay delays he goes To some superior tree Without a single leaf, And shouts for joy to nobody But his seraphic self!” Emily Dickinson   Emily’s lines are about the Blue Bird, yet perfectly match withContinue reading “Those Halcyon Days will be back soon!”

Ashoka, the sorrowless

  Ashoka, ‘the sorrowless’, Flaming blooms that gave Solace to a sorrowful Sita. One of the five in Kama’s quiver, Set to stir young hearts. Our Ashoka tree back home.   [ Saraca asoka, the Ashoka (sanskrit meaning-‘without sorrow’) tree is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. The tree has a notable place in Hindu mythologyContinue reading “Ashoka, the sorrowless”

The iconic Non La, the conical hat of Vietnam

Áo dài (the long silk dress), the conical hat nón lá, and don ganh tre/quang ganh (the bamboo shoulder pole with baskets on either side) are the symbols of quintessential Vietnam. Non la is an integral part of the daily life of Vietnamese people, especially the hard working women. It is most commonly used by farmers,vendors,Continue reading “The iconic Non La, the conical hat of Vietnam”

To hear an oriole singing…

The black–hooded oriole (Oriolus xanthornus) or manjakkili as we call it in Malayalam is considered a harbinger of Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. Generally a few of them  are spotted  in the months of July to September. Since the bird appears close to the festival, it is called Onakkili as well.  With their  strikingContinue reading “To hear an oriole singing…”

Neelathamara, The Blue Lotus

  Lotus that rises pure and fragrant above the muddy waters has always been a symbol of purity and spirituality. In Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism the flower is highly regarded and has a very prominent position. In Buddhist art and literature lotus motifs are highly symbolic. . A fully bloomed flower symbolises enlightenment where asContinue reading “Neelathamara, The Blue Lotus”

The Dancing Gods of Valluvanad…glimpses of village festivals

Here they come! The energetic, electrifying dancing gods of our Valluvanad or South Malabar. With the accompaniment of the pulsating ‘chenda’ or the booming drums and the loud cling clang of the cymbals they shake the earth with their frenzied steps. Our culturally rich and vibrant Valluvanad resonates with festival tunes during the Malayalam monthsContinue reading “The Dancing Gods of Valluvanad…glimpses of village festivals”

An attempt at pastiche… on Hartfield, Mr Woodhouse and Emma

“Indulge your imagination in every possible flight.”~ Jane Austen ‘Give a loose to your fancy…’ says Ms. Austen, and I did. With apologies to the immortal Jane Austen whose 241st birthday was celebrated yesterday, here’s an (distorted) adaptation, a pastiche of Chapter Three of Emma, the characters being replaced by my feathered friends. The greenContinue reading “An attempt at pastiche… on Hartfield, Mr Woodhouse and Emma”

I know where wells grow…

 It is Emily’s birthday today and her poetry has been my source of joy and peace for a few years; she’s become my companion and her poems, part of my everyday life. Each poem mesmerizes me with its simplicity and depth, many poems make me feel that this is exactly what I wanted to say.Continue reading “I know where wells grow…”