Hi, I’m Rethy, a passionate lover of Nature and poetry. This blog is all about my musings, my reflections, the images that caught my attention. It may sound like the jibber-jabber of house sparrows who are my constant companions in this faraway land from my home. Thanks for dropping by and I would be grateful, if you are kind enough to leave a comment.


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  1. Hi Rethy, Loved your blog and especially your musings on the Lotus Eaters! Incredible photos too! Keep writing.


  2. Hi Rethy,
    Glad to become a follower of your blog.
    I really like your photos and comments, poetic quotes.
    The dark background was a very good idea, it makes the photos come out well and is easy to the eye.
    I just love sparrows; when there’s talk of reïncarnation, I always say I’d like to come back into a new life as a sparrow, unobtrusive but sometimes cheeky little bird, often cosily in groups, at home in cities as well as in the countryside..
    Your brother Rajeev sent me the link to your blog.
    We struck up quite a friendship in correspondence; he was my first ‘contact’ on the InterNations Expat Forum, that I joined in August this year.
    I forget if you are a member too, or if that was your sister..
    Incidentally l write some poetry – never published anything yet – posted a few new ones on the Forum.
    Also I started a thread of poems in ‘foreign’ languages, transated into Engish.
    And it was Rajeev’sm idea to start a thread about phrases in foreign languages, with their English translation.
    Maybe you’d like to take a look some day?
    My Forum name is Maria, my real name Coby (deriving from Jacoba) Koning.
    I live in Amsterdam, Holland, and am a retired nurse, 66 years old.
    It would be nice to hear from you occasionally; if you like I could send you a few of my poems?
    Rajeev could give you my email address.
    Do you write poetry yourself?
    Anyway nice to meet you, greetings, Coby


    • Hello Coby!

      It’s a pleasure to meet you here in the blogsphere! Am really excited to hear your good and kind words. Thank you so much.
      Rajeev has mentioned about the poetry thread in the forum; quite interesting! And this task of phrases being translated into English too sounds fun.Our sister is a member of the forum and she too is a great lover of literature.
      I’m delighted to know that you are a poet. Would definitely love to read your poems. I’m passionate lover of poetry. Will send you a mail soon.
      Loved your views on sparrows 🙂 Are they in plenty where you live? Understand that mobile tower installation and environmental pollution has taken a toll on sparrow population in India.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and writing to me. Hoping to see your published work soon.
      Best wishes!


      • Hello Rethy,

        Hay sukhamânêâ?
        Nice to hear back from you!

        To start with the sparrows: What I heard/read was that the use of herbicides in agriculture lowered the number of sparrows here, plus the way modern houses are being built; they have less nesting opportunity.
        They used to be nr. 1 in numbers.
        Every year there’s a day that all kinds of birds are being counted; people watch their own gardens or for example go into the woods, always the same place.
        Then they comminicate to a central point how many birds they have seen, and which kind of birds.
        The sparrow has been surpassed in numbers by the blackbird now..
        Still there are quite a lot of them. And they seem to be happy in all (most?) climates too, apparently.
        Saw them regularly in my front garden – giving out warning calls when they saw my cat – when I was living for four months in Corfu, Greece, last year (mediterreanean climate).

        There are some videos on Youtube about the lush nature on Corfu, flora ánd fauna; type: ggast82, those are beautiful videos
        The guy yhat made the videos is also on Facebook: giannis gasteratos.
        The comments are mainly in Greek, you might use Google translate if you’d like to read stuff?

        I’m not sure if I want to publish my poems. I haven’t written so many yet.
        And some are in amongst other papers that I still have to order..
        I do like it when friends read them, and maybe give some comment.
        Rajeev gave a short but adequate comment on one of the recent (short) poems that I posted on the Forum.
        And the main part of what I wrote, is in Dutch..
        Just for fun, I’ll give you a short one here, that I wrote a few years ago, when on holiday (Easter time) in Corfu. I’ll spare you the Dutch version, which is also on the Forum.


        Yianni’s Owl

        – the dwarf ear-owlet –

        Every evening,
        When it is just getting really dark,
        We hear the woman
        Calling for her beloved:
        Yianni! Yianni! Yianni!

        Now we know,
        Here in Corfu,
        That it’s the dwarf ear-owlet that callls.

        But as always we cuddle
        Happily, contentedly,
        Closely together.


        (maybe ‘calling out to her beloved’ would be better?)
        I read in a tourist book that the Corfu people call this tiny owl Yianni’s owl. Sort of an onomatopeia, like cuccoo and some other bird names.
        I heard it call in several places in Corfu, always at exactly that time of day.
        When I read out the poem to an Englishman on the beach, he told me had had seen the bird.
        It has slightly tufted ears. Later found a postcard, here in Holland, with its picture.

        Looking forward to your email,
        ‘bye, Coby

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  3. Very interesting information Coby on the sparrows, the owl and about Corfu. Thank you. Will watch the videos on youtube. I’m so happy that you shared your poem. Sweet and simple. Keep writing and sharing. Have a lovely weekend!


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