Elegy to an old sentinel

Before the next floods hit him or the storm fell him our Ungu tree (The Indian Birch tree) was called to sleep a few months back. Nature would have taken his thousand emerald leaves to her bosom, his strong sturdy trunk and bark would have lit someone’s hearth. “Now that I have opened that bottleContinue reading “Elegy to an old sentinel”

Gorgeously Generous January!

It has been seven days and January seems to be kind and generous so far, lavishly gifting splendid dawns and sunrises. Everyday dawns with a vibrant and cheerful note, unlike the grim, gloomy mornings of last year.. It is believed that January is named after Janus the Roman God of beginnings and transitions. The godContinue reading “Gorgeously Generous January!”

Meet the Lilliputians! Chevrotains aka Mouse-Deer

The smallest hoofed mammals in the world, chevrotains are in the lime light since the beginning of this week! The news that scientists spotted the silver backed chevrotains or Vietnamese mouse-deer after 30 years in the jungles of southern Vietnam is doing the rounds on media. It is said that there are 10 different speciesContinue reading “Meet the Lilliputians! Chevrotains aka Mouse-Deer”

October’s Party

Chanced upon this beautiful and delightful poem by George Cooper. While visiting New Zealand I was overjoyed to see these brightly coloured trees against deep blue skies; a rare sight back home! I could not take my eyes off the trees, plants, flowers, grass and weeds. This is an October full of splendour! ”October gaveContinue reading “October’s Party”

Those Halcyon Days will be back soon!

“A fellow in the skies Of independent hues, A little weather-worn, Inspiriting habiliments Of indigo and brown. ……. With gay delays he goes To some superior tree Without a single leaf, And shouts for joy to nobody But his seraphic self!” Emily Dickinson   Emily’s lines are about the Blue Bird, yet perfectly match withContinue reading “Those Halcyon Days will be back soon!”

Rejoice, for your soul is alive!

  It’s all about balance!   ”If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand,rejoice, for your soul is alive” ~ Eleonora Duse Bee still… Look around,Continue reading “Rejoice, for your soul is alive!”

A Cool Blue Dandy!

I met this dandy who challenged the azure skies and the turquoise blue waters in Ho Tram (a small beach town near Saigon). The pristine beach with its blue waters, lined with casuarina trees is a nature lover’s sanctuary. Even though I missed watching the rising Pink moon of April, I was in for aContinue reading “A Cool Blue Dandy!”

I will show you the sunset, if you sit by me…

This week’s wordpress photo challenge is Rise/Set   “I will show you the sunset if you will sit by me, but I can not bring it there, for so much gold is heavy” ~Emily Dickinson Here are a few of my favourite sunset clicks Sun, setting in all its splendour over (Wat) Svay Pope pagodaContinue reading “I will show you the sunset, if you sit by me…”

Ashoka, the sorrowless

  Ashoka, ‘the sorrowless’, Flaming blooms that gave Solace to a sorrowful Sita. One of the five in Kama’s quiver, Set to stir young hearts. Our Ashoka tree back home.   [ Saraca asoka, the Ashoka (sanskrit meaning-‘without sorrow’) tree is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. The tree has a notable place in Hindu mythologyContinue reading “Ashoka, the sorrowless”