Beard Tales Continue… Day 2

A noble priest from Jaipur

Another interesting piece of information I chanced upon is, in Ancient Rome a man’s beard style could throw light on which philosophical school he belonged to! The  Romans were impressed by the distinctive styles of beards the Greek philosophers were sporting. As soon as Rome conquered Greece in the Battle of Corinth and ‘imported’ the Greek philosophers, they followed suit. It is said that Horace humourously remarked,    “Captive Greece captured her rude conqueror”(here’s the link to an interesting read).


One thought on “Beard Tales Continue… Day 2

  1. That was quite an interesting article. This caught my attention: “Cynics, who were the disciples of Diogenes (not to be confused with the Diogenes of Babylon), would wear a messy, unattended beard.” The thought of today’s cynics sometimes seems messy and unattended to me, as well. I did grow up knowing the story of Diogenes and his lantern; this added context was interesting.

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