Some of those  fan~’tashe~tic Rajasthani men, donning their handlebars, walrus, imperial, painter’s brush moustaches… A few clicks from my pre-covid Rajasthan trip. In India the bristling history of moustache dates back to the 16th century .

Flauntinghis ‘handlebar moustache’


Imperial meesha!


English ‘tache


Painter’s brush


20200213-DSC_0294 (1)



There was a Veerappan look alike too! [ And it was a baffling revelation that there used to be a moustache wax named Veerappan (in the UK) with the dacoit’s picture on the lid!]


● Sharing these interesting ‘tache facts~ Bangalore’s braveheart traffic cop ‘Meese Thimiah’, who lost his life while saving a child, was said to have allowed a small sum of moustache allowance. He used to sport a twirling moustache and was honoured as Bangalore Traffic Police mascot. In some parts of UP and MP, police men are given moustache allowance.

5 thoughts on “FAN`’TACHE~TIC!

  1. What exquisite portraits! The men are so handsome, and their moustaches, too. I had a friend who was Peace Corps in Rajasthan, and some of his photos show men much like these. I did have to laugh, because they remind me of an American cartoon character whom you may or may not know: Snidely Whiplash. He was quite the cartoon villain!

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    1. Thank you! Though I don’t know much about him, this cartoon character is familiar to me. He sports a perfect handlebar moustache! I must try sketching him. And will do more research on him.
      Yes, you’re right; Rajasthani men are quite handsome.


  2. I’m adding a separate comment to point out the American 1920s-1940s version of the famous mustache. It belonged to detectives like Boston Blackie (a fictional hero) and Jimmy Buffett once wrote a song about it. This video is great.

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    1. Thanks a lot Linda! Very interesting and fascinating piece of information. Loved the video.. will search and learn about the character you mentioned. Thank you! And am sure am going to repeat playing “Pencil thin mustache” this morning!

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