2 thoughts on “Carpe diem!

  1. What a splendid image! I’m curious about the yellow and blue ‘bells’ at the right. Are they lanterns? windchimes? bells? Their shape is lovely. I think the woman must be selling pastries, or something akin to them. If I were on the street, I’d buy some of whatever she was selling — I wouldn’t care what it was!

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    1. Yes, Linda..those are lanterns. This was clicked in an old port town in Central Vietnam, called Hoi An. Old yellow shop houses and streets full of hanging lanterns give a magical charm to the place. This woman’s selling some Hoi An delicacies; banana pancakes , it la gai( a green bean sweet in banana leaf) and fresh spring rolls. Nice to hear from you. I was away from the blog world for a while!


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