A Face in the Crowd

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is ‘A Face in the Crowd’ and the topic brought to my mind a myriad pictures I clicked in different parts of Vietnam, just for the love of the conical leaf hats (nón lá) and out of respect  for the strong women here. Whenever I photograph them, I feel that I’m not intruding their privacy as the hats always cover the identity, yet the pictures tell the grit and resilience of these hardworking women. The industrious and courageous women, the face of quintessential Vietnam. I have already dedicated an exclusive post for these signature conical hats so this post may repeat some photos. Here are some clicks that show the diversity in unity and also unity in diversity. All are non la hidden faces, but each one is unique.

Early morning hustle-bustle in a fishing village near Saigon.

wait for the first catch of the day

Hands that create- At a pottery village near Hoi An, a woman engrossed in her work


Fruit sellers carrying their đòn gánh tre (bamboo shoulder poles) are a common sight in Vietnam.

A vendor on Mui Ne beach


A salt field worker

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