Spring hesitates at Winter’s door…

Spring hesitates at Winter’s door, But the mango blossom rashly runs out to him~ Tagore March brings with him the fragrance of mango blossoms. Like the ashoka flower, mango blossom is one among the five floral arrows in Kamadeva’s (God of Love) quiver. The buds break open to golden blooms heralding the arrival of Spring.Continue reading “Spring hesitates at Winter’s door…”

Bringing Spring into my living room

  ‘Let Spring spring…or has it already sprung?” Found this quote in Dictionary.com page on 20th March, the ‘official’ start to Spring. March or Vernal Equinox is called the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Autumnal or Fall equinox in the Southern hemisphere. On the Dictionary.com page I came across many interesting words likeContinue reading “Bringing Spring into my living room”