I’ll tell you how the Sun rose…

Whenever the sky is all set for a gorgeous sunrise or a show of similar grandeur, an inner voice whispers and I absolutely trust my intuition. So when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning for reasons unknown to see the orange-pink streamers scattered over the sky, I knew that it isContinue reading “I’ll tell you how the Sun rose…”

An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!

The air was crisp and clean on the 1st of October and the sky was a joyful galore of cirrus patches! An uplifting sight that promised cheery sky days ahead. Cheers to the October sky! Weather is unpredictable just like human state of mind. 2nd October opened his eyes to a dreary, dull, rainy morning.Continue reading “An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!”

The hills are alive with the sound of silence!

Standing tall on the lap of Wayanad, the majestic Banasura Hill looks like a grand old sire. Ancient yet young the hills are a visual treat during the bountiful monsoons. Adding charm and providing a perfect backdrop to the breathtakingly picturesque Banasurasagar Dam, the verdant hills take the name from a mythological character. Banasura, aContinue reading “The hills are alive with the sound of silence!”

A door just opened on a street…

A Door just opened on a street — I — lost — was passing by — An instant’s Width of Warmth disclosed — And Wealth — and Company. The Door as instant shut — And I — I — lost — was passing by — Lost doubly — but by contrast — most — InformingContinue reading “A door just opened on a street…”

To hear an oriole singing…

The black–hooded oriole (Oriolus xanthornus) or manjakkili as we call it in Malayalam is considered a harbinger of Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. Generally a few of them  are spotted  in the months of July to September. Since the bird appears close to the festival, it is called Onakkili as well.  With their  strikingContinue reading “To hear an oriole singing…”

The Wind didn’t come from the Orchard—today—

A storm is brewing over the South China sea, hitting central and north provinces of Vietnam. Pray that it wouldn’t play much havoc. Impact of the storm called ‘Sonca’ is seen in Saigon too. Today is, like Pooh bear says, ‘rather a blustery day’ in Saigon. A wind is raging outside today. It all startedContinue reading “The Wind didn’t come from the Orchard—today—”

Moonstruck again

April’s Pink Moon is out there. I patiently waited to see him rising and he promptly made his glorious entry, bewitching and mesmerizing me!               I could borrow a Bonnet Of the Lark— And a Chamois’ Silver Boot— And a stirrup of an Antelope— And be with you—Tonight! EmilyContinue reading “Moonstruck again”

Bringing Spring into my living room

  ‘Let Spring spring…or has it already sprung?” Found this quote in Dictionary.com page on 20th March, the ‘official’ start to Spring. March or Vernal Equinox is called the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Autumnal or Fall equinox in the Southern hemisphere. On the Dictionary.com page I came across many interesting words likeContinue reading “Bringing Spring into my living room”

I know where wells grow…

 It is Emily’s birthday today and her poetry has been my source of joy and peace for a few years; she’s become my companion and her poems, part of my everyday life. Each poem mesmerizes me with its simplicity and depth, many poems make me feel that this is exactly what I wanted to say.Continue reading “I know where wells grow…”