An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!

The air was crisp and clean on the 1st of October and the sky was a joyful galore of cirrus patches! An uplifting sight that promised cheery sky days ahead. Cheers to the October sky! Weather is unpredictable just like human state of mind. 2nd October opened his eyes to a dreary, dull, rainy morning.Continue reading “An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!”

Morning clouds define my day…

 Morning clouds define my day! Painting the morning sky! A sky filled with fluffy clouds forecast a bright and happy day for me, hence I give a few brush strokes here and there in the morning. ”The morn is up again, the dewy morn, With breath all incense,and with cheek all bloom, Laughing the cloudsContinue reading “Morning clouds define my day…”

She sweeps with many-coloured brooms…

Oh, housewife in the evening west!  I’m obsessed with you and Emily… Here are a few of the splendid Saigon sunsets.   She sweeps with many-colored brooms, And leaves the shreds behind; Oh, housewife in the evening west, Come back, and dust the pond! You dropped a purple ravelling in, You dropped an amber thread;Continue reading “She sweeps with many-coloured brooms…”

The sky is low, the clouds are mean…

Monsoons bring a deluge of childhood memories! The cold and wet mornings, start of the new academic year, fresh smell of new textbooks and notebooks, long interesting book wrapping sessions, pasting name slips on the neatly wrapped books, new umbrellas with carefully chosen beautiful glass handles with a mild aroma, paper boats… all were partContinue reading “The sky is low, the clouds are mean…”

MAY the month bid farewell!

May too is standing at the threshold, turning back and waving her hands bidding goodbye… How quickly the months fly! The red hot May brought with her a bundle of pleasant childhood memories, more intense and heartbreaking memories of loss too…May will be back next year, but those who were snatched away by May willContinue reading “MAY the month bid farewell!”