Meet the Lilliputians! Chevrotains aka Mouse-Deer

The smallest hoofed mammals in the world, chevrotains are in the lime light since the beginning of this week! The news that scientists spotted the silver backed chevrotains or Vietnamese mouse-deer after 30 years in the jungles of southern Vietnam is doing the rounds on media. It is said that there are 10 different speciesContinue reading “Meet the Lilliputians! Chevrotains aka Mouse-Deer”

A boatful of blooms…

Tet, the Vietnamese new year is round the corner. Colours of tet as well as an air of gaiety fill the streets and even the river! The sight of this boat filled with vibrant flowers, gliding through Saigon River filled me with joy in the morning! Marigolds and chrysanthemums are as significant as yellow apricotContinue reading “A boatful of blooms…”

September evenings

September evenings staged some perfect shadow plays in my living room. Golden light fills the room every September, soon after the September equinox…The setting sun starts his journey back, southwards. For a few months from now I will be able to view the vibrant sunsets every evening and I love basking in that celestial light!Continue reading “September evenings”

A Cool Blue Dandy!

I met this dandy who challenged the azure skies and the turquoise blue waters in Ho Tram (a small beach town near Saigon). The pristine beach with its blue waters, lined with casuarina trees is a nature lover’s sanctuary. Even though I missed watching the rising Pink moon of April, I was in for aContinue reading “A Cool Blue Dandy!”

My crown is called content…

“My crown is in my heart, not on my head … My crown is called content, a crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.” She sells flowers at a local market in Saigon… Her hearty, contented smile is as bright as the flowers she sells! When I was flipping through my photos for this week’sContinue reading “My crown is called content…”

A Face in the Crowd

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is ‘A Face in the Crowd’ and the topic brought to my mind a myriad pictures I clicked in different parts of Vietnam, just for the love of the conical leaf hats (nón lá) and out of respect  for the strong women here. Whenever I photograph them, I feel that I’mContinue reading “A Face in the Crowd”