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A glimpse of the sky with cotton ball clouds floating around….Not the transcendental sky which posed questions to me. It is a threadbare sky I see through my glass windows…. Are we going to be caught within the walls? Are we cornered? My heart swells up…

Gorgeously Generous January!

It has been seven days and January seems to be kind and generous so far, lavishly gifting splendid dawns and sunrises. Everyday dawns with a vibrant and cheerful note, unlike the grim, gloomy mornings of last year.. It is believed that January is named after Janus the Roman God of beginnings and transitions. The godContinue reading “Gorgeously Generous January!”

My crown is called content…

“My crown is in my heart, not on my head … My crown is called content, a crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.” She sells flowers at a local market in Saigon… Her hearty, contented smile is as bright as the flowers she sells! When I was flipping through my photos for this week’sContinue reading “My crown is called content…”

I will show you the sunset, if you sit by me…

This week’s wordpress photo challenge is Rise/Set   “I will show you the sunset if you will sit by me, but I can not bring it there, for so much gold is heavy” ~Emily Dickinson Here are a few of my favourite sunset clicks Sun, setting in all its splendour over (Wat) Svay Pope pagodaContinue reading “I will show you the sunset, if you sit by me…”

For whom the bell tolls…A few thoughts on World Sparrow Day

Another World Sparrow Day is here today, on 20th March. A day to remind us to protect the little winged friends called sparrows that are going to be in the endangered list very soon. The House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus) is a close associate of man and is seen in rural as well as urban settings.Continue reading “For whom the bell tolls…A few thoughts on World Sparrow Day”

Vu Lan Festival…of Spirit Month and Faith

Vietnam is celebrating the month long festival of the hungry ghosts or Vu Lan festival now. Vu Lan which is also called Trung Nguyen, is closely connected to the Asian tradition of ancestral worship. In some of the other Asian countries too ‘All Souls Day’ falls on the full moon day or 15th day ofContinue reading “Vu Lan Festival…of Spirit Month and Faith”

Glimpses of Vietnam-a second part to Street Cries!

Sarojini Naidu’s ‘Street Cries’  comes alive again; this time in Vietnam. Happy to share some of the street scenes here. Glimpses of the face of Vietnam…images of hard working, diligent, industrious women of this country along with the beautiful lines of the ‘Nightingale of India’, Sarojini Naidu.     ‘Street Cries’- A poem by SarojiniContinue reading “Glimpses of Vietnam-a second part to Street Cries!”