Who knocks? That April!

Who knocks? That April! Lock the door! I will not be pursued! He stayed away a year, to call When I am occupied. But trifles look so trivial As soon as you have come, That blame is just as dear as praise And praise as mere as blame. ( from ‘Dear March come in…’ -EmilyContinue reading “Who knocks? That April!”

The moon was but a chin of gold…

  THE MOON was but a chin of gold A night or two ago, And now she turns her perfect face Upon the world below. Her forehead is of amplest blond; Her cheek like beryl stone; Her eye unto the summer dew The likest I have known. Emily Dickinson     The Moon shines soContinue reading “The moon was but a chin of gold…”

Dear March, come in!

      DEAR March, come in! How glad I am! I looked for you before. Put down your hat— You must have walked— How out of breath you are! Dear March, how are you? And the rest? Did you leave Nature well? Oh, March, come right upstairs with me, I have so much toContinue reading “Dear March, come in!”

Beach Dwellers

    Who sells sea shells on the sea shore?   Hundreds of turret shells washed upon the shore could either be a seasonal, temporary phenomenon or an alarming and disturbing sign of aquatic pollution; I don’t have the slightest clue. The crowded Vung Tau beach, in Vietnam had turned to a beach of shellsContinue reading “Beach Dwellers”

Serene and jade green

  There’s a thin line between … The breathtaking photographs of unbelievably transparent and clear blue waters of Dawaki river in Meghalaya, scattered with a few boats that looked as if floating in the air were taking due rounds on the social media a few months back. When I chanced upon a similar sight, thoughContinue reading “Serene and jade green”

Harvesting sunrises and sunsets…

THE SOUL should always stand ajar. That if the heaven inquire, He will not be obliged to wait, Or shy of troubling her. Depart, before the host has slid The bolt upon the door, To seek for the accomplished guest— Her visitor no more. Emily Dickinson Yes, don’t be careless and forget to leave yourContinue reading “Harvesting sunrises and sunsets…”

The Grand Sentinels of the Emerald Waters

  Standing tall and majestic on the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, the lime stone structures offer a spectacular panoramic view. These Karst formations resulting from millions of years of erosion (developed by the repeated regression and transgression of the sea on lime stone during wet and warm tropical climate) stretch overContinue reading “The Grand Sentinels of the Emerald Waters”

Bring me the sunset in a cup…

BRING me the sunset in a cup… BRING me the sunset in a cup, Reckon the morning’s flagons up, And say how many dew;  I imagine a cup filled with sunset whenever these lines come to my mind. It’s a favourite of mine and I love the authoritative tone of this Dickinson poem. When IContinue reading “Bring me the sunset in a cup…”

She sweeps with many-coloured brooms…

Oh, housewife in the evening west!  I’m obsessed with you and Emily… Here are a few of the splendid Saigon sunsets.   She sweeps with many-colored brooms, And leaves the shreds behind; Oh, housewife in the evening west, Come back, and dust the pond! You dropped a purple ravelling in, You dropped an amber thread;Continue reading “She sweeps with many-coloured brooms…”