No Pogonotomy?

Two interesting words that I came across recently are derieved from the Greek word pogon. One is pogonotrophy‘ (beard growing) and the other is ‘pogonotomy‘ (shaving or cutting of a beard). That led me in reading many interesting facts on beard growing!  In the Victorian era doctors were believed to prescribe growing beard as a prevention from illness; whereas during the time of Alexander the Great, pogonotomy was banned in his army, as he  thought the enemies would find grasping his sodiers’ beard an easy task! So that could be called as pogonophobia ?  

A sadhu from Rajasthan, India

November being ‘Movember’ and ‘No shave November’ I thought of sharing a few photographs of bearded men and thus break my long break from blogosphere! Here I go starting form today.  

2 thoughts on “No Pogonotomy?

  1. The very minute I read ‘pogonotomy,’ I thought, “that word seems familiar.” I had to search my memory for a bit, but I got it: Rose Pogonia is the name of one of our native orchids. You can see what it looks like here. The description includes this: “The edges of the labellum are lacerate; along the center of the labellum, there are several rows of dark pink, purple, or yellow hairs, giving the flower a bearded look. It can be distinguished from other species with similar flowers, such as Calopogon tuberosus or Arethusa bulbosa, by its bearded labellum.”

    Beards are everywhere!

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