A day before he set to start his journey northwards, I captured him in all his glory! Uttarayana starts today… The Sun enters the zodiac sign Capricon/Makara. Happy Makar Sankranti! Happy Pongal!

2 thoughts on “Sankranti

  1. I recognized that you were talking about the winter solstice. Now I know that Uttarayan is the period between the solistice and the March equinox, and it’s considered a particularly auspicious time. And it seems that Pongal is a harvest festival — very interesting!

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    1. Yes, you’re right Linda. It is an auspicious day and in different parts of India people celebrate this transition of the Sun,, giving different names. Pongal is celebrated in the South of India. According to Hindu mythology one year of the humans is one day for the gods. Uttarayana, the six months period, till Summer solstice is day time for the gods and from mid June till next winter solstice or Dakshinayana is night for the gods. Here’s an old blog,

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