What’s Cooking?

Banh Trang or rice paper wrappers are edible Vietnamese rice wrappers made from steamed rice batter. In the south and north they are known differently. Here, in the south these thin, translucent round rice papers are used to make fried spring rolls cha gio and fresh cold spring rolls goi cuon. The filling can vary from meat to shrimp to vegetabes and a mix of these. Rice papers come in different textures, thickness and flavours taking varied names. The commonly used ones for fresh spring rolls are Banh Trang, made of rice batter mixed with a little tapioca starch and salt; steamed and then sun-dried.  Rice paper making is a thriving cottage industry in the Mekong Delta, the rice bowl of Vietnam. There are rice paper villages in this area. Here are few clicks from a visit to this Ben Tre a couple of years ago, of how rice turns into paper thin translucent rice wrappers.



One thought on “What’s Cooking?

  1. I love spring rolls, both cold and fried. A local grocery store employs a woman who makes them fresh each day, so I can stop by and pick two or three up for lunch occasionally. It must take skill and practice to be able to regulate everything involved in the process: temperature, thickness, cooking and drying times. So interesting!


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