3A Station, Saigon


Saigon’s 3A Station is a 3 year old memory now. A favourite haunt of the youth, 3A
(Alternative Art Area) Ton Duc Thang  Street used to house small cafes, handicraft shops, art shops, small boutiques and so on; a vibrant art venue where the alleys pulsated with amazing wall graffiti. 3A used to be a youth culture hangout with regular art fairs and live music happening.



FB_IMG_1587341311117The three warehouses, built during French colonisation, were said to have served as the base for the French International secret service, later a centre for the South Vietnamese Intelligence agencies and American CIA.
To many art lovers’ disappointment and heartbreak, 3A Station was closed on May 1st 2017 and was later demolished to pave way for an urban development project.






4 thoughts on “3A Station, Saigon

  1. I laughed to see the ‘blue artist’ with the question mark on his forehead, and Bart Simpson! Who knew? Some cultural phenomena know no boundaries. I noticed ‘frenemy,’ too. A year ago, a friend did a calender filled with cats and birds. She called it her ‘Frenemies’ series!

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