A boatful of blooms…

Tet, the Vietnamese new year is round the corner. Colours of tet as well as an air of gaiety fill the streets and even the river!

The sight of this boat filled with vibrant flowers, gliding through Saigon River filled me with joy in the morning! Marigolds and chrysanthemums are as significant as yellow apricot and pink peach flowers during Tet festivities.

The city is all set for Tet. Hoping that the year of the Pig brings Peace and Happiness to all!

2 thoughts on “A boatful of blooms…

  1. I hardly can believe a year has passed — but so it has. Is the boat laden with flowers a part of some celebration, or is it simply transporting flowers to some particular place? It doesn’t matter at all, as far as the image is concerned. It’s utterly beautiful.


    1. Yes, Linda. Vietnamese new year (Tet) celebrations are going on… The city is adorned with flowers; mostly yellow and red coloured ones. Offices and houses are decorated with marigolds, chrysanthemums and Ochna( yellow apricot) trees in blooms. Waterways are sometimes used to transport these plants and flowers.
      Thank you!

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