Happy Birtday Emily Dickinson!



The Poets light but Lamps –

Themselves — go out —

The Wicks they stimulate

If vital Light

Inhere as do the Suns —

Each age a Lens

Disseminating their


                                                               (Emily Dickinson)


Today is Emily Dickinson’s 188th birthday. Her poem says it all. Years and centuries have passed, the lamps that Emily has lighted are shining bright providing warmth and joy to many of us. Happy birthday Emily Dickinson! You are immortal!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birtday Emily Dickinson!

  1. What a wonderful photo. I think you must have taken it, and I think Emily would have enjoyed it. It’s quite a creative way of representing her light shining as a lamp does in the world! Thank you for posting this, as I surely would have missed her birthday, otherwise!

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