6 thoughts on “June evenings

  1. That’s just how it looks outside my window tonight — or did, before the sun sank below the horizon and night came. It’s a lovely metaphor. I hope our blanket turns out to be a wet blanket — sopping with rain. We could use it.

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    1. Here it rains almost every evening, Linda. The sky literally plays a ‘wet blanket’ on certain days😃
      May the rain gods shower their blessings on your land!
      In Hindu mythology we have a god for rains called Indra. Like Zeus, his weapon too is thunderbolt.

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      1. I arose to find the rain gods showering blessings, indeed! And I was interested to learn about Indra, whom I didn’t know. I found this paragraph in an article particularly delightful:

        “In Indian mythology the clouds are equated with divine cattle and the sound of thunder during storms is Indra fighting with the demons who are forever trying to steal these celestial cows. In addition, the rain is equated with Indra milking his divine herd and the god is seen as a protector of earthly cattle belonging to his worshippers.”

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