A Cool Blue Dandy!

I met this dandy who challenged the azure skies and the turquoise blue waters in Ho Tram (a small beach town near Saigon). The pristine beach with its blue waters, lined with casuarina trees is a nature lover’s sanctuary. Even though I missed watching the rising Pink moon of April, I was in for a surprise the next morning. Nature never disappoints you! I have never thought that shades of vibrant blues and reptiles go together. I searched for the name of this lizard (or chameleon?) and chanced upon a National Geographic article on this blue headed lizard species that was identified by scientists in 2013, in Vietnam. It is called Calotes bachae. During mating season, to attract females, the males turn into striking blue hues. The head is vibrant cerulean and turquoise mix of blue with a bright yellow whisker like patch on both sides. This lizard seems to be unperturbed by human presence. He happily posed for me with many happy nods of appreciation. It is beyond doubt he sensed that I’m an Indian and he could connect well with copious nods.

”Who said I camouflage? I flaunt my colours!”

Calotes bachae, the blue headed lizard seen in Vietnam.

This week’s wordpress photo challenge is to share a photo of something unlikely, an object or a person in an unlikely place or a serendipitous accident. I have been looking around for my feathered friends in that quaint beachside resort. A fairytale style forest dragon appeared out of the blue! He was basking in the morning sun on a casuarina trunk. A least expected experience; an unlikely as well as a serendipitous one! I am not a fan of reptiles, but this flamboyant guy won my heart!

2 thoughts on “A Cool Blue Dandy!

  1. What a stunning creature. We have bright green ones, which are very common, and some with bits of red, but nothing like this. I found myself thinking about the bright, tropical birds. We have pretty birds, but none with those vibrant, mixed colors. I wonder if there’s something about a tropical environment that brings out the bright colors in everything.

    In any event — I’m so glad you had the encounter, and that you were able to share it with us!


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