The leaves, like women, interchange…

Here’s one from Emily where she compares leaves to women. I love the tone of the poem and the choice of words.

The leaves, just like women, seal a pact of confidence while interchanging their views and secrets. Their intuition or foresight or their reasoning skills are not to be questioned. They are wise, shrewd and good at judging men and manners. Let us see what Emily has to say,

The leaves, like women, interchange
Sagacious confidence;
Somewhat of nods, and somewhat of
Portentous inference,

The parties in both cases
Enjoining secrecy, —
Inviolable compact
To notoriety.

The fairer sex is known (notorious) for their inability to keep secrets. Studies too assert that they would spill the beans in a duration of half an hour to 40 hours!

What can leaves do if the wind comes and eavesdrop and scatter the secrets, their views and judgmental opinions far and wide?!

NB I interpret Emily the way I understand her.

3 thoughts on “The leaves, like women, interchange…

  1. “Sagacious” is one of my favorite words. I met it in Horace Walpole’s description of how he came to invent the word “serendipity”:

    “Writing to Horace Mann in 1754, Walpole first defined serendipity as “a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something else.” He said he’d derived the word from the title of a Persian fairy tale titled “The Three Princes of Serendip,” a story in which the heroes “always were making discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of.”

    I think Emily’s verse is sagacious, and I think your images complement them perfectly. Secrets,blown about like leaves in the wind: what an image!

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    1. Your comments are always so informative, Linda! In some of the editions of the poem in place of ‘sagacious confidence’ I found ‘exclusive confidence’. I liked the sound of ‘sagacious’. Thank you.


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