A lane of yellow led the eye…

While clicking away the papaya tree outside, its beautiful leaves and the different birds that visit the tree, little did I know that the papaya leaves are going to play a major role in the coming days! Soon after my Kerala visit I was down with a bad dengue fever attack and to help to stabilise the platelet count, I was consuming papaya leaf juice. How strange are the designs of God! Every small action has a message hidden, a purpose behind it. This woman is obsessed with this tree, let her taste the bitter essence of it, thought He.

Friends who frequent the tree

Asian Koels- male and female

Indian parakeet

Green Barbet

The illness, a heartless intruder, brutally spoilt my new year, my daughter’s holiday and my desire to capture the first full moon of the year. While lying in a delirium I thought of meeting death and wished to feel normal again. I wanted to put an end to the solitude and bitterness born out of sickness and started reading Emily. Somehow the first poem that came to my mind was

I felt my life with both my hands
To see if it was there—
I held my spirit to the Glass,
To prove it possibler—

I turned my Being round and round
And paused at every pound
To ask the Owner’s name—
For doubt, that I should know the Sound—

I judged my features—jarred my hair—
I pushed my dimples by, and waited—
If they—twinkled back—
Conviction might, of me—

I told myself, “Take Courage, Friend—
That—was a former time—
But we might learn to like the Heaven,
As well as our Old Home!”

I don’t have any idea what Emily had in mind or what kind of crisis she was going through when she wrote the poem. What a brave imagination to say that ‘I felt my life with both my hands’ and what an immense relief to know that it is still there! I too held my spirits to the mirror and looked at the ‘born again’ me. ‘Fear knocked at the door, Faith answered and lo! no one was there’ was the feeling!

Then on my lane to recovery I thought of this image I clicked sometime ago at Hoi An village… A dark lane lit up by early morning light. I felt I could see the golden light at the end of a dark lane and that excited me. Then I chanced upon this poem of hers.

A lane of Yellow led the eye
Unto a Purple Wood
Whose soft inhabitants to be
Surpasses solitude
If Bird the silence contradict
Or flower presume to show
In that low summer of the West
Impossible to know –

Riding into the lane of yellow!
It gave me immense joy to ride to the yellow lane again from darkness and I would like to believe that the purple woods are still far away.

5 thoughts on “A lane of yellow led the eye…

  1. I’ve known a person or two who have suffered with dengue, and it’s not a pretty disease. When I was in West Africa, they called it “break-bone fever,” and the name’s appropriate. I’m so sorry you were stricken. I’ve had malaria, and that was bad enough: it was a real illness, but not so painful as dengue.

    Emily always has a word, doesn’t she? I didn’t know either of these poems, and they’re quite wonderful. The first isn’t exactly cheerful, but it does fit “those” situations in life that we sometimes endure. The lane of yellow? Perfect. Apart from everything else, that cheering yellow lends some warmth to our very, very cold weather.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the dengue attack. My platelets went a little below critical point and my uncle (the doctor) was bent upon getting me admitted in the hospital, which I was not at all keen on. Finally it was papaya leaves and drumstick leaves that came to my rescue! After that incident, I am a die hard fan of the papaya and moringa/drumstick tree! We now have 3 papaya trees and 2 moringas in our compound. Happiness! 🙂
    Beautiful photographs! Loved seeing them. As I wrote in another comment in my post, I am now waiting for the parrots to turn up. Normally they are the first to arrive, but somehow this time they haven’t turned up so far. And thanks for sharing the poems.


      1. Sorry, I thought I had replied this comment y’day. Reg moringa, I am not sure if there is an official study done by someone that proves it can fight dengue. We came to know of it through a distant relative. Decided to give it a try as moringa leaves are anyways healthy and what harm can possibly a plant do to my already bad condition. 🙂

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