“I’m out with lanterns looking for myself”

This October has been a disappointment as far as sunsets are concerned…Almost everyday the glory of the setting sun was smothered by dull clouds. Today was a different day.

An old Malayalam song came to me as I kept a lantern on the window sill  and clicked the Sun

”ശരറാന്തൽ തിരി താണു മുകിലിൻ കുടിലിൽ, മൂവന്തി പെണ്ണുറങ്ങാൻ കിടന്നു”  

Dusk, the young maiden, turned off the lantern in the House of Clouds and went to bed..

As usual I could not neglect a profound line from Emily too…” I am out with lanterns  looking for myself”’






2 thoughts on ““I’m out with lanterns looking for myself”

  1. That line from Emily is wonderful. It reminds me of the tale of Diogenes, carrying his lantern and looking for an honest man — but I like Emily’s version even more.

    The script of your language is so beautiful. I assume that’s Malayalam script. Is that your native tongue? I have a feeling you may speak many languages. I wonder, too — is it hard to learn to write in such a script? Perhaps it’s no more difficult than ours, if you began learning it as a child, and were surrounded by it.

    And now I’m wondering if there’s some connection between the Malay people, Malaysia, and Malayalam. Gracious — I know so little of your part of the world!


    1. Yes, Malayalam is my mother tongue. It is spoken in the state of Kerala, where I’m from. As you rightly guessed Malayalam is a difficult language with 51 alphabets and additional symbols. Since we have spoken and learnt the language from childhood, it never felt like a difficult script! In India we have 22 languages and the neighbouring states of Kerala speak different languages. India is a land of Unity in Diversity! Malayalam is highly influenced by Sanskrit and Tamil. Tamil and Sanskrit are among the oldest languages in the world.
      Many Keralites have migrated to Malaysia in the past but Malay and Malayalam are not related, Linda. Both are two entirely different languages.
      Happy week ahead! Happy blogging!


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