An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!

The air was crisp and clean on the 1st of October and the sky was a joyful galore of cirrus patches! An uplifting sight that promised cheery sky days ahead.

Cheers to the October sky!

Weather is unpredictable just like human state of mind. 2nd October opened his eyes to a dreary, dull, rainy morning. A sniffing and weeping sky that irritates you like an ill mannered child.  An annoying drizzle that hesitated to leave hung in the air till late evening.

The next day, adding to the melodrama a howling wind accompanied the whining day . How soon a cheery young October has changed into a sullen, moody one!

As Emerson puts it ‘Nature wears the colours of the spirit’ and at times it is the other way round too.

But on such days a dose of Emily can lift your spirits high!


”The sky is low the clouds are mean

A Narrow Wind complains all Day

How some one treated him

Nature, like Us is sometimes caught Without her Diadem.”


”There came a drop of giant rain,

And then, as if the hands

That held the dams had parted hold,

The waters wrecked the sky”


Sunshine hid his face away

On a gray, rainy Saigon day!



One thought on “An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!

  1. As it is for you, so it is for us: change is constant when it comes to the weather. Yesterday it was all sunshine, blue skies, and breezes. Today? Gray, cloudy, and almost foggy, with hints of rain in the forecast. No matter. Soon we are “supposed” to have some true fall weather, wtih bluebird skies and cooler temperatures, and I will rejoice that I work outdoors. No more sitting in an office cubicle, yearning to be outside! It’s one of the best benefits of my work!


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