“I’m out with lanterns looking for myself”

This October has been a disappointment as far as sunsets are concerned…Almost everyday the glory of the setting sun was smothered by dull clouds. Today was a different day. An old Malayalam song came to me as I kept a lantern on the window sill  and clicked the Sun ”ശരറാന്തൽ തിരി താണു മുകിലിൻ കുടിലിൽ, മൂവന്തിContinue reading ““I’m out with lanterns looking for myself””

‘I dream my painting and then I paint my dream”

Remembering Vincent Van Gogh, the genius… Recently watched the animated film on Vincent Van Gogh. Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully painted feature film. More than 60,000 oil paintings were painted by hundreds of artists to make the genius’ biopic. A remarkable task indeed! Starry Nights, caffe terrace, blazing corn fields, wheat fields inContinue reading “‘I dream my painting and then I paint my dream””

The Moon festival,moon cakes and the man in the moon

Tet Trung Thu or Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Festival is a significant festival among the many festivals in Vietnam. It is a harvest festival and also a festival for children. 15th day of the 8th lunar month is celebrated as the Moon festival. Worshipping the god of Earth for bountiful harvest and increase inContinue reading “The Moon festival,moon cakes and the man in the moon”

My heart leaps up…

    As on the driving cloud the shiny Bow, That gracious thing, made up of tears and light ~Coleridge   It was a night of thunderstorm and the morning looked bleak. I did bear a grudge, though not longstanding, against Lady Nature for spoiling my Harvest Moon experience. Yesterday the western skies were busyContinue reading “My heart leaps up…”

An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!

The air was crisp and clean on the 1st of October and the sky was a joyful galore of cirrus patches! An uplifting sight that promised cheery sky days ahead. Cheers to the October sky! Weather is unpredictable just like human state of mind. 2nd October opened his eyes to a dreary, dull, rainy morning.Continue reading “An Emily a day keeps my gloom away!”