The hills are alive with the sound of silence!

Standing tall on the lap of Wayanad, the majestic Banasura Hill looks like a grand old sire. Ancient yet young the hills are a visual treat during the bountiful monsoons. Adding charm and providing a perfect backdrop to the breathtakingly picturesque Banasurasagar Dam, the verdant hills take the name from a mythological character. Banasura, aContinue reading “The hills are alive with the sound of silence!”

A door just opened on a street…

A Door just opened on a street — I — lost — was passing by — An instant’s Width of Warmth disclosed — And Wealth — and Company. The Door as instant shut — And I — I — lost — was passing by — Lost doubly — but by contrast — most — InformingContinue reading “A door just opened on a street…”