7 comments on “Neelathamara, The Blue Lotus

  1. This is all so interesting. You’d giggle, I’m sure, to hear how I pronounce many of these words to myself while I’m reading!

    I started thinking about symbolic flowers in other traditions, and realized that the lily and the rose figure prominently in Christianity. I’m not sure whether Muslim traditions have certain flowers that hold meaning or not. I suspect not,since I know that flowers generally aren’t offered as funeral gifts and so on.

    The lotus is a beautiful flower, but so is the photo of you and your mother beautiful. I’m so glad you shared it!

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    • Thank you very much Linda for your kindness 🙂 Interesting observation on flowers.There’s a sonnet on the birth of the flower ‘LOTUS’ by a 19th century Indian poet Toru Dutt. She used to write in English and French and died in her early 20s. Toru Dutt’s poem is about how Flora gave Lotus to the god of Love when there was a dispute between Lily and Rose in Psyche’s bower.
      If you have time and patience have a look at an old blog on lotus and I have quoted the poem there.
      Thanks and happy blogging!


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