Bringing Spring into my living room


‘Let Spring spring…or has it already sprung?”

Found this quote in page on 20th March, the ‘official’ start to Spring. March or Vernal Equinox is called the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Autumnal or Fall equinox in the Southern hemisphere. On the page I came across many interesting words like primevera, primaveral, vere-time, vernal etc, various Spring related words that entered English language during the 16h century. It is delightful to see the social media flooding with photos that show that Spring is in the air. The pictures of Cherry blossoms and other gorgeous looking flowers are breathtakingly beautiful!

There is no winter in  South India where I come from or in the south of Vietnam where I live now. We hardly get an opportunity to see the splendour of the Spring. Celebrations connected to the arrival of Spring are not familiar to me.  Holi the festival of colours is celebrated at the beginning of Spring in the north of India. Holi is celebrated all over India, even in the south these days. A festive time bidding good bye to the bleak winter months by splashing gorgeous colours everywhere.

Bringing Spring Home

It would be an exhilarating experience to see Nature springing back to life! But then…for us it is eternal Spring here. In the peak of Summer, when the heat is unbearable, most of the trees and bushes show their extravagance in blooms. For me, Spring comes to my living room when my vase is abloom. Buying a few bunches from the market brightens my day! when my curry leaf plant bloomed, I felt Spring is all around me. When I go down for a walk and see the Rangoon creepers cascading down the walls or the Rain lilies swaying in the breeze all the famous poets visit me and their famous poems come ‘tossing their heads in a sprightly dance’

When Sun plays hide and seek in my living room, the sunflowers have that extra glow!

Rangoon creeper, a wayfarer’s joy!


curry leaf plant blossoms

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown –
Who ponders this tremendous scene –
This whole Experiment of Green –
As if it were his own!

Emily Dickinson

That Clown definitely sounds like the Shakespearean Fool! I too feel that ‘mine’ feeling about the things around me many a time; I wish I grow as wise as the Clown!

It’s Spring time in my home!

A peek into our Ben Thanh market

9 thoughts on “Bringing Spring into my living room

  1. Beautiful words from Miss Emily, and gorgeous flowers all around you. I think your feelings about spring may be somewhat akin to mine about autumn. I always become a little bemused, a little envious, when the fabulous autumn changes come to the north, and we’re still just slogging along in the heat.

    In any case, happy spring to you! It’s a perfect time for clowning around!

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  2. Beautiful Rethy… No doubts spring is the favourite season of all poets and so called Queen of seasons…It wakes up nature n hearts of many.. the spring inside your home is simply your choice and it gives lot of joy and optimism…Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring as Bernad William says…May God bless your home with eternal springtime…Love n hugs..


  3. Spring does spring many surprises and a welcome change from winters that may be a bit too harsh in some places. It also signifies that there is hope for all.


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