4 comments on “For whom the bell tolls…A few thoughts on World Sparrow Day

  1. Such a wealth of info my friend!!!just a few corrections here n there…selamat malam

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  2. What an interesting post. I’m watching “my” flock right now, and enjoying them tremendously. The situation you have is quite different from ours. This species may be our most abundant bird – in any case, they certainly are plentiful, and not threatened at all. Here’s an article you might find interesting.

    Of course, Texas still is not an urbanized environment on the whole. We have our large (very large!) cities, but even in a place like Houston, they tend to spread, and there’s plenty of cover, food, and so on for the birds. Your post is a good reminder that what is true for one area may not be for another. On the other hand, peoples’ attention here to creating wildlife habitat may be part of what’s helping the birds thrive.


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