To mend each tattered Faith…


To mend each tattered Faith
There is a needle fair
Though no appearance indicate—
’Tis threaded in the Air—

And though it do not wear
As if it never Tore
’Tis very comfortable indeed
And spacious as before— Emily Dickinson

Torn and tattered Faith will be mended when the right time comes and regardless of the marks that were left by doubt or skepticism or uncertainty or wavering , Faith would regain its former space and strength. The invisible needle that’s threaded in the air mends the tattered Faith.

2 thoughts on “To mend each tattered Faith…

  1. This Dickinson poem is new to me. I like it very much. Your comments and photo fit it well, too. I have a feeling she was quite serious, but just a little tongue-in-cheek, too. Sometimes her sense of humor isn’t obvious, but it’s there.


    1. Yes, you are right Linda and thanks for the feed back. A poet par excellence, she is! Some of her poems are mysteriously beautiful where as some are simple and transparent. It is interesting to know how another reader interprets the same poem.


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