2 comments on “Super Moon…moon tales never end.

  1. And beautiful photographs they are, rethy. I didn’t see the moonrise, but early this morning — very early — I woke to moonlight streaming in my window. This is the time of year when moonset occurs where i can see it, and it was wonderful to watch it for a while before going back to sleep.

    There used to be what we call an “old wives’ tale” that sleeping in moonlight could make a person crazy — moonstruck, they called it. Perhaps this could explain a few things!


    • Linda, you’re blessed to be moonstruck! How beautiful an experience it would be to sleep in a moonlit room! The setting moon is even more beautiful with a bluer sky as its backdrop. The full moon, I believe, has undeniable powers on the human mind as it has controlling powers over the sea. Moonstruck or lunatic, the terms are rightly derived. In Indian mythology, unlike other mythologies, Moon is a male god.

      When you have lots of time have a look at this old blog of mine …It’s a rambling one, I must warn you.

      Thank you.


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