Daisy, the poet’s darling

Contented they are in their lowly status Daisies spread joy to the beholder. Here are lines from three different poets on the simple, demure yet cheerful Daisies…A bed of daisies on a hill station brought back flowery memories of  Munnar days… smell of the fresh air, pine trees, evergreens, bird songs and cool weather.   SaidContinue reading “Daisy, the poet’s darling”

Oh! darkly deeply beautifully blue!

Oh! “darkly, deeply, beautifully blue,” As someone somewhere sings about the sky. Lord Byron The dreamy quietness of the blue up above has the power to sooth your soul. The unruffled nature of the vastness of the blue sky overawes you and sponges your worries and woes away. Peace and happiness just fill your being.Continue reading “Oh! darkly deeply beautifully blue!”