The days when the smiles over tears will prevail…



August sky has been a drama queen, a tantrum queen!  The bold and wild artist that she is, she throws her hissy fit throwing her paint and colours all around her at the end of the day. With lights and sounds she scares the mortals down.  Her  brilliant creativity and imagination flow unrestrained and the air and sky become her stage to perform an amazing spectacle. An energetic, wild and free spirited person, she puts on a cheery, calm and composed face throughout the morning; as the evening advances her moods slowly change and she is ready for a meltdown. By late evening she does let loose her stifled energy and the mortals and the inanimate things down under the August sky stare awestruck at her.

Then, after a few hours of outbursts, peace comes to her



A happy happy Saigon sky and Saigon river

August has been kind to me this year. See how benevolent she looks! Last August caged me in with a broken toe and I was home bound the entire month; yet she could evoke in me  a curious feel of wonderment that helped me enjoy my helpless situation!

Since August is well aware that it’s almost time to bid adieu, this last week has been unbelievably spectacular. Her outbursts were so loud it’s mistaken for a state of euphoria! She knew very well that these bouts of rage and anger can inspire awe as well as admiration in everyone… Soon after the energy bouts, some days she would smile sheepishly feeling a bit guilty. On other days with no trace of regret, with tear smeared face she would give those bright grins of hers!! As if nothing unnatural has happened; as though the raging elements were not hers!






The days when smiles over/and
tears will prevail
The wind will vex the somber azure
of the waves
I shall hear the grinding of their
angry mass~ Dickinson



Tears and smiles…all about Life


A recent outburst was so frightening that the storm scene in King Lear almost revisited me! How helpless the old king would have been on the heath with a raging heaven up above him! The unresting Nature brings in an awakening in the king. Pathetic Fallacy adds to the scene. He discovers the human nature and understands that Nature has no vindictive motive while raging a tempest. While looking through the window at the dark clouds hanging in the sky and a strong wind blowing out, one can not help but wonder at the magnitude of the universal elements.


Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout
Till you have drench’d our steeples, drown’d the cocks!
You sulphurous and thought-executing fires,
Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts,

Rumble thy bellyful! Spit, fire! spout, rain!
Nor rain, wind, thunder, fire, are my daughters:
I tax not you, you elements, with unkindness;
I never gave you kingdom, call’d you children,
You owe me no subscription: then let fall
Your horrible pleasure: here I stand, your slave,
A poor, infirm, weak, and despised old man:


West wears a thin veil of rain at dusk!

The drama that’s happening!



Weather has a significance role in Julius Caesar too. A storm rages outside on the eve of the Ides of March. When Casca and Cicero fail to interpret the portents, Cassius purposely misinterprets the wrath of heaven.

Are not you moved when all the sway of earth
Shakes like a thing unfirm? O Cicero,
I have seen tempests when the scolding winds
Have rived the knotty oaks, and I have seen
Th’ ambitious ocean swell and rage and foam
To be exalted with the threatening clouds,

But never till tonight, never till now,
Did I go through a tempest dropping fire.
Either there is a civil strife in heaven,
Or else the world, too saucy with the gods,
Incenses them to send destruction.

Coming back to August sky… her fury is not long lasting, nor she intends man ‘to fear and tremble’… It’s only part of her mood swings. Her bright smile pays for the bad behaviour and she offers a goody or two as a compensation.  She readily offers a tempting slice of a rainbow or a dollop of fluffy ice cream, mouthwatering slice of cassata ice cream or Neapolitan cake (unless she’s in such a foul mood that she retires into gloomy darkness)

It’s been a slice!!!!!!


As she bids adieu, here’s a farewell treat from August…  a slice of cassata ice cream!


Or a dollop of ice cream



 Then all’s well. Window panes that still bear her tear drops look with surprise at the beaming face of August sky, on the western side the sky prepares a piece of three layered  ice cream… and softly night approaches accompanied by her twinkling stars and fairy lights.

Waiting to see you next year dear August. Let me open the doors for September.

2 thoughts on “The days when the smiles over tears will prevail…

  1. What a lovely, lyrical tribute to August and her storms. Here, the month is more placid. Unless a tropical cyclone appears, what rain we have tends to sneak in and sneak out: gray, gloomy, and sometimes heavy, but rarely with the energy and rage of the storms that mark the turning of the seasons.

    Yesterday, I happened to be on the “heath” — that is, one of our local prairies — when the rain arrived. In the beginning, it was only what we call a sun shower, with blue sky and sunshine mixing with the rain. Then, as it moved through, it was so heavy that the horizon disappeared — but no wind, no thunder. It was a typically tropical downpour, and over in ten minutes. Then, another version of your ice cream: sunshine, lighting up a world sparkling with leftover drops.

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    1. I almost experienced your weather and your land. And that Heath experience😃 Admire the poet in you, Linda. Back home when we have a sun shower we say ‘it’s the fox’s wedding’. Thank you so much for reading my posts and for encouraging and enlightening me. Really appreciate that. Thanks!


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