2 comments on “The days when the smiles over tears will prevail…

  1. What a lovely, lyrical tribute to August and her storms. Here, the month is more placid. Unless a tropical cyclone appears, what rain we have tends to sneak in and sneak out: gray, gloomy, and sometimes heavy, but rarely with the energy and rage of the storms that mark the turning of the seasons.

    Yesterday, I happened to be on the “heath” — that is, one of our local prairies — when the rain arrived. In the beginning, it was only what we call a sun shower, with blue sky and sunshine mixing with the rain. Then, as it moved through, it was so heavy that the horizon disappeared — but no wind, no thunder. It was a typically tropical downpour, and over in ten minutes. Then, another version of your ice cream: sunshine, lighting up a world sparkling with leftover drops.

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    • I almost experienced your weather and your land. And that Heath experience😃 Admire the poet in you, Linda. Back home when we have a sun shower we say ‘it’s the fox’s wedding’. Thank you so much for reading my posts and for encouraging and enlightening me. Really appreciate that. Thanks!


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