2 comments on “Shades of Rain…

  1. What a delightful tribute to rain. We are greatly in need, and it’s raised just a touch of envy in me to see such beautiful photos. When I lived in Liberia, I learned about clockwork rain. Every afternoon during the rainy season, it would rain at 2 p.m. You truly could set your watch.

    I didn’t know the Dickinson poem about the drop that fell on the apple tree. It’s lovely — as lovely as that golden after-rain sky. That, we share. Sunsets here can be spectacular once the clouds have loosed their gift.


    • Thank you Linda! I just love reading whatever you write. Interesting to know about the clockwork rain. Thanks for all the good words; kind hearted you’re. ‘A drop fell on the…’ Isn’t that beautiful? Wish I could send some of the rain clouds to you just before sunset!


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