MAY the month bid farewell!

House Sparrow


The gulmohur tree in our Bassac Garden

May too is standing at the threshold, turning back and waving her hands bidding goodbye… Until we meet next year, the red hot May!

How quickly the months fly! May brought with her a bundle of pleasant childhood memories, more intense and heartbreaking memories of loss too…May will be back next year, but those who were snatched away by May will never be.


Bright May sunrises at Phnom Penh

Burning sunsets over the riverside pagoda


May painted Phnom Penh city red. Red is the colour of the month. April had her dazzling yellows, May has her fierce reds.
Crimson sunrises and burning sunsets are pepping up the season. May’s own fiery Gulmohars are all aflame. My little hibiscus plant in the front yard is blazing red and the scarletbacked flower pecker visits her everyday.
Red eyed, red mouthed Plaintive Cuckoo fills our Bassac Garden with…

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