The Echoing Green!

”Such, such are the joys… on the echoing green”


Tranquility personified!

 Green bee-eaters basking in the evening sun, a milk white egret in the backdropDSC_0041




Echoing Silence and Green


Anakkara was brimming and echoing with green this November! There seems to have a drastic change in the usual pattern and terrain of our little village over the last few years. A troop of thick overgrown bushes, fox-tail grass and wild creepers with small flowers joined together and invaded both the sides of our narrow asphalt village road. Another new usurper is the White Feather grass, which we  used to consider a native of Palghat ! These foreigners too have taken over patches of uncultivated paddy fields and happily camped on Anakkara soil. The motto of our Anakkara has now become ‘Go wild and green’.

In spite of all these, Anakkara is still enchanting with her lush green luxury.



creepers and climbers growing wild on the roadsides



Apart from the commonly seen white egrets, pond herons, Asian Open bills, cormorants some new visitors are coming to Anakkara nowadays. I could spot the Red wattled lapwings  in the paddy fields right in front of our home this November. It is a joy to relish the beauty of these fields  in the mornings and evenings, with all these winged friends foraging there.


Asian open bill


Red wattled Lapwing, a new visitor!







  Fly like a swan!

snow white egrets in a playful mood




The paddy fields in front of home


The magical charm is not diminished a bit despite the growth of these weeds and bushes. Anakkara is still a beautiful land!



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