Monsoon Thoughts


It is ‘Thiruvathira Njattuvela‘, the season that marks plentiful rains and gleeful sunshine joined together to rejuvenate the farming traditions in Kerala. Commencing from the second half of June (usually by June 22) and lasting for a fortnight this is the most favoured solar transit, when bountiful rains bless the state with prosperity.

As the old saying goes ‘Thiruvathira Njattuvelayil thiri muriyathe mazha peyyum‘ (തിരുവാതിര ഞാറ്റുവേലയിൽ തിരി മുറിയാതെ മഴ പെയ്യും), which means rain pours in without a pause. This is no time for pearl like rain drops, but a fortnight of steady, never ending, ever flowing strands of rain. Unlike the unpredictable and gloomy month Karkkidakam (the Kallakarkkidakam as they call it) that follows, Thiruvathira njattuvela in the month of Midhunam, is a favourable season for the farmers, the period that promises abundant crops.


A rain drenched Anakkara, my village


Lush and fresh Anakkara after the rains, June last year


History records, when the Zamorin of Calicut was informed that foreign traders were pilfering the wealth and the spices from our land, he brushed it away lightly by saying that they could loot our spices and crops but not our Thiruvathira Njattuvela!

Njattuvelas are determined according to the Sun’s position in relation to the stars. There are twenty seven njattuvelas. Thiruvathira Njattuvela (the solar transit of Alpha Orions) being the heart and soul of the old agrarian Kerala society holds an important position in the Malayalam lunar calender. Njattuvela is the time when ‘ njaru‘ or rice saplings are replanted, it also means ‘the position of the Sun’ (njayarinte nila). This could be njattu/vela or when the Sun (njayar) takes a break (vela, an interval) from shining too bright and hot upon the Earth. The start of this Njattuvela coincides with the Summer and Winter solstices of the two hemispheres.

All kinds of seeds or saplings planted during this period would flourish. This is the time to plant black pepper, the ‘Black Gold’ of Kerala. Without any set methods or fertilizers any sapling will grow well. Apart from paddy, saplings of Pepper, coconut, arecanut, mango and various fruit-bearing trees are planted during this period. Flourishing crops are assured by the uniform availability of sunlight and rains. Branches of trees and plants are cut and planted to thrive vigorously. Old timers even say that even your tresses would cascade back to thick growth if you trim them during this period!

Look close…there’s a Purple Heron at the far end!



The trees wearing a gleeful expression


Kalapoottu-A post harvest, pre-njattuvela sport in Kerala…I was lucky I could witness one and capture a picture last June!


8 thoughts on “Monsoon Thoughts

  1. Rethy, You have a gifted gab, and you amongst us was lucky to have been brought up at Anakkara. Wish if we all could re-live anakkara days….


    1. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words, Induettan. In our younger days while we were in Ponani, that close association with Anakkara was in tact. Am glad that after Achan’s retirement we went back to Anakkara where we belong to.
      Yes, those childhood days were priceless!


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