4 comments on “Story Tellers

  1. Hi Rethy,
    Great. Even in Anakkara cousin group and Palassery Valap Kootam I used to wonder at your fresh remembrance of childhood days especially of the Anakkara gettogethers. Here you given a beautiful description of the influence of stories in our mind. you are right. Our paternal side has a special gift in story telling I think. Even Achan used to put us to sleep by narrating actual incidents as stories
    Trip to a particular place or a minor calamity at home etc Any way may this spirit of remembering our past may always be with you. Congrats to your attempt. Had I been too boring. If so sorry.


    • Thank you so much Girija Chechi. You really surprised me by commenting here! Can’t explain how much I appreciate and value this. (it’s the first comment from a family member 😃) Glad you shared your thought on the same topic. Yes, the stories that our fathers told us have an immense influence on us!
      Thank you


  2. Oh Rethy, Being a dearest among cousin’s, I cannot but appreciate the fond memories of the past. Your skills at narration is marvellous and your remembrances have become mine too. Yes, we lived in stories and I hope it has made us forget all the bitter past, if there were any. I would want you to continue these writing skills, so as to make us all re-live our lost life. With love, Induettan


    • Thank you for the affirmation Induetta!
      Really appreciate this kind gesture and all the encouraging words.Yeah, our heads were buzzing with stories once upon a time!
      Memories are so fresh… pleasant or unpleasant, but they mould us into what we’re now.
      Thanks for a wonderful childhood! Thanks for having spent it with a bunch of affectionate, interesting cousins 😃 Thanks to our parents!
      Wish these memories stay fresh and would not be wiped away by old age or Time.


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